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Hurry Our 40% Off Seasonal Sale
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Commonly Asked Questions about Impact Windows

When hurricane season arrives in New Smyrna Beach, you want to know your home is ready to fend the storm off as best it can during those hurricanes. This means having impact doors and windows installed in your home. With regards to impact windows, you more than likely have quite a few questions about them. This article will cover some of the more commonly asked questions about impact windows and give you the answers you seek.

Can impact windows lower my insurance?
When you make some types of improvements or chances to your home you can also enjoy lower insurance rates. This is the same for impact windows. When you have impact windows installed in your New Smyrna Beach home it decreases the risk of certain types of damage to your home. This means the insurance company wouldn’t have to pay out as much to cover those damages had they happened. Since the insurance company will save money due to these windows, they will pass some of that savings down to you.

How do I know impact windows are reliable?
In order for a window to be deemed as one that is impact-resistant certified, it will need to meet or exceed certain testing standards. These standards are set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. You can trust that windows that pass this testing will in fact help you to protect your home in the case of a hurricane.

What other benefits can impact windows offer me?
Aside from helping to keep your home safer during a hurricane, impact windows also offer some other great benefits. One of these benefits is that the windows will help you to keep your home energy efficient. The windows will help your home hold in the heat during winter and hold in the cool temperatures during summer. Not only does this help to keep the house more comfortable, but it allows you to achieve this while spending less on the power bills. Impact windows also offer protection from UV rays that will eventually face your furniture and even your flooring.

What’s the difference between regular single-paned windows and impact windows?
A regular single-paned window is made up of a singe sheet of glass. This glass can be broken quite easily. Some of the things that commonly break single-paned residential windows include children’s balls, beebees, tree branches, and more. During hurricanes, anything that gets picked up by the wind and thrown against your single-paned windows can likely break them. Impact windows are made of shatter-resistant glass that is housed in heavy-duty frames. There are two layers of tempered glass that has been bonded to a layer of shatter-proof clear material. Impact windows can withstand debris that gets thrown at the windows by hurricane force winds.

Now that you have a better understanding of what it is that impact windows have to offer, you’ll want to highly consider having them installed in your New Smyrna Beach home, so you can offer your home and family more protection from hurricanes. Please call us today at 386-200-9521

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